Stylist Jodie Knight -

I chose to style Kirsten's hair because she has very long healthy hair and an attractive face. The style is a 'Contemporary Look' because it is modern in style and design. She is beautiful no matter what you do to her so she can pull the look off. The wedding dress, make-up and accessories are also modern in style and design.
The total package produces the 'Contemporary Look'.

Contemporary Hair Weave

Step 1

Section the hair in a horse-shoe or semi-circle section from the crown to the front of the head.
Step 2
Divide hair into approximately 20 vertical sections.
Step 3
Start the weave from the right side, working the vertical piece
of hair in an over under pattern, continue towards the left side of the horse-shoe.
Step 4
Secure your weave with pins or sectioners at the left side allowing hair to be included into the rest of the style.
Step 5
Continue working your weave from right to left using your over and under pattern until you eventually run out of hair.
Step 6
The bottom of Kirsten's hair was curled with a hot tong and pinned in the middle back showing the detailed length on one side.