Hair Weave Demonstration

You are encouraged to ask questions throughout the demonstrations of the different designs for hair weave styles.

There will also be a class group discussion with your teacher. Demonstration heads will be displayed for your reference during the activities.

Learners are allowed to look closely inspecting the techniques for their own ideas for design and styling.

This is a group project, the pictures will be collated and displayed in this online course wiki under their headings as inspiration for you focusing your creativity.


This exercise shows your perception, utilising your creativity and highlighting the differences between each of the demonstrated looks.

Your teachers and guest students will explain the information shown for each of the three hair weave looks.

You now have three fabulous examples of hair weave looks to interpret yourself.

Picture references
Model: Belinda
Stylist: Bronte

I can't wait to see your finished looks, I would like you to plan your look on the attached hairstyle analysis sheet. Click the link below to open and print out your copy. Once you have finished this activity give your completed hairstyle analysis sheet to your teacher.

Complete this survey once you have completed this activity, your teacher will discuss it with you.