Betina Bulter

Hey, my name is Betina; I am currently a student at penguin high school and am participating in the 2010 TAPP program. I’ve just started my work placement at Essential styles in Ulverstone. It’s so much fun, I really don’t mind doing chores or anything. You have to start at the bottom of the ladder to get to the top, right?

Anyway... at work placement I started off a little shakey and nervous but that all went away after I got to work. I started off learning where things were and what my duties are. I meet the people I would be working with:
· Brooke she’s the owner of the salon and really nice, she’s happy to answer my questions (there’s lots of them).
· Kayla and I went to school together, so it helped for me to know someone, she also helps me a lot.
· Alana is easy to talk to and funny as well, she answers a heap of my questions.

Yesterday I helped Brooke clean out the wax pots and man were they dirty! It soon turned into a sticky situation (lol). The fumes from the cleaning liquids made us so dizzy, but it was funny. Eventually Brooke got a client and I was left to finish off, so Kayla came in to help me. Once the pots were clean we had to put new wax in the pots. Then near the end of the day we had to put hair extensions in a clients hair, Brooke, Kayla and myself all worked on this one. I didn’t do much but it was enough, the extensions were all tangled so I untangled them and handed them over. Brooke showed me how to put them in and I thoughts it looked fun.

Last week while I was sweeping the floor a GDH’s cord get wrapped around the broom and I accidently pulled it down, I felt so terrible for doing it, cause they are really expensive. Brooke tested it and it was fine, so she told me to stop stressing, that it was ok. JThen there was this one client I soaked from head to toe, I left the water running in the basin while I got the shampoo and the head flipped up on it and soaked this poor old lady. I felt so horrible, but again I was told it was ok. Alana let me test my hot roller technique on a manikin, so I washed its hair and dried it, and then added hot rollers to it.

I really think that I’m doing alright at work placement; I mean I’ve had a good laugh with the people I’ve worked with. I’m hoping that with the TAPP program and my work placement I will be able to be a great hairdresser. I hope all of this will lead me to a successful career.

  • Keep in mind the categories/guide lines for your design whether it is relevant?
  • What procedures will you follow?
  • For example will you start with make-up first or will you start with the hair style?
  • How will you start?
  • What products will you use?
  • How will you dress your manikin?
  • Will you use a scarf, will it be in colour or black and white or will it be a textured fabric layered over the base of the neck?

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