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Bonnie White

Hi I’m Bonnie J
I am currently involved in the TAPPS program for 2010. I do work placement at Jo Jo’s hairdressers in Latrobe on Wednesday and I go to Polytechnic in Devonport on Fridays. I really enjoy what I do at my work, there is more to hairdressing then you think! For the time I have been there I have been allowed to: set up clients, shampoo hair, wash colours off, blow dry, straighten & curl the hair, pass up foils. I also do a lot of cleaning: folding towels, washing the hair colour bowls out, cleaning down the benches, dusting the products and the stands, the dishes, buying milk for the fridge & exchanging money up at the bank. One of my memories that I will never forget is, the first time I got to wash a clients hair i didnt have the clients head in the basin properly and i got water all down her neck, and a few drops down her face. I was soo embarrased! but it was okay because my boss and i told her tha it was my first time at washing a clients hair.\ At Tafe I learn ALOT of skills, it is really fun and is such a good experience. I would really love to keep going with hairdressing as I have had a passion in this career for many years now, I would love to be offerd a apprenticeship as i am really exciting to be qualified. In the future I am really keen to open up my own salon from home or work on a cruise ship J
This is my model, Chantelle.
I am hairspraying her fringe together
so it stays up in a nice cliff :)
i have my hand there so none of the hair
slips down.

In the second photo i have seperated the hair
so its easier to put the curls in.
I edited_1.jpgeditted_2.jpg

Avant Garde Record

external image 3_RLS0045+-+annie+supinger+-+avant+garde.jpgexternal image ACjerome36412.preview.jpg

Out there look.

Classic Record

Beauty Twist Updo Hairstyle for Women
Beauty Twist Updo Hairstyle for Women
external image Classic_Cool.jpg

A hair style that never dates & is always in fashion.

Contemporary Record

external image jennifer-lopez-BA-0707-de.jpgexternal image 09-waves.jpg

Modern style & desighn. Something you see on celebrities , latest hairstyles.

Beauty Think Tank Record

This year in beauty we have learnt how to apply the foundation to the face, and using different colours to match the skin
We have also learnt how to apply eye shadow and the levels of colour that make it brighter and darker shades.
I like to focus more on hair but beauty has been a great experiance.

Nail Art Record

In this photo we are learning how to massage the hands and apply nail polish to the nails in the correct way
We had a lady in, Tania, she showed us all different techniques in nails such a air brushing and applying different nail polishes.

Questions for my model.

Using information and experince you have, I want you to choose one of the designs from your reseach activity, list following the design principals relevant to your category or interest:
  • For example will you start with make-up first or will you start with the hair style? - I will start with the hair first, then move onto the makeup. Well it depends on the day because i dont exactly no how im having the fringe yet, wether it will be on the face or pulled back.

  • How will you start? - I will start by getting all my makeup set up, all the hair tools out and the consume ready to go. That way it is all there in front off me and i dont have to go walking around the room to find the equipment.

  • What products will you use? – I am going to use mine & the Chantelles make up & the salong make up. For the hair i will be using hairspray, bobby pins and a curler.

  • How will you dress your manikin? – I will be dressing my model in casual clothes. (Tights, Nice top, and maybe heals)

  • Will you use a scarf, will it be in colour or black and white or will it be a textured? – No, i dont think i will be using a scarfe for my photoshoot.