Brooke richardson

Hi I’m Brooke,

This year I’m involved in a program called the TAPPS program, which is when I go to school 3 days a week, 1 day at a the hair professionals hair salon and 1 day at the polytechnic, so far i have really enjoyed my work placement, I have got the chance to do heaps of different things like, washing hair, washing colours out, washing perms out, answering the phone and just getting to interact with the clients. I didn’t expect to get to do half the things I have been doing so far, I thought all I would be doing is cleaning but as well as cleaning I have got to do heaps which I have really loved. Some memories that I will never forget from working at the salon would be the first time I got to wash this ladies hair I got her back very very wet and felt so horrible and she wasn’t very understanding which made it even worse! But I leant from that and now always make sure the client it sitting back in the seat very well so I don’t make that mistake over again. By the end of this year I have really hoping to have an apprenticeship and at the moment I’m looking around for salons that are looking at putting an apprentice on at the end of the year. I don’t want to just to hair I want to do the beauty idea as well because I love makeup and doing nails. Once I have completed my 4 years in apprenticeship I would love to travel with my job, I would love to work on a cruise ship overseas, that is my dream and I’m going to work very hard towards it because I think it would be the best opportunity to be able to see the world and do what you love the most.

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