1st Activity
Organize yourselves into three groups.

You will work using large cardboard sheets and magazines.

Each group will research:
  1. Contemporary look: modern in style or design.
  2. Out There Avant Garde: using or favouring ultra modern style, new innovative.
  3. Classic look: simple harmonious, well proportioned, traditional or conventional.
Learners to collect magazines, cutting out the pictures which represent each category.

Use articles shoing the looks/makeup/hair/clothers.

This is a group project, the pictures will be collated and displayed under there headings as inspiration for you to focus on to develop your creativity.

This exercise shows your comprehension of the activity highlighting the differences between each look.

After checking your understanding, the information is reinforced with some looks from the French Vogue and Karen magazine. Your teachers will display clear examples of each look.
  • What is Contemporary, how does it look?
  • What is Avant Garde, how does it look?
  • What is Classic, how does it look?
Your teachers will explain and expand on the information shown in their display for each look.

At the end of this activity you will have three fabulous examples of photographic looks, interpreted by you. Hang these up around the room.

Complete this survey once you have finished this activity. Your teacher will discuss it with you.