2nd Activity

Using information and experience you have, I want you to choose one of the designs from your research activity, list following the design principals relevant to your category or interest:
  • Keep in mind the categories/guide lines for your design whether it is relevant?
  • What procedures will you follow?
  • For example will you start with make-up first or will you start with the hair style?
  • How will you start?
  • What products will you use?
  • How will you dress your manikin?
  • Will you use a scarf, will it be in colour or black and white or will it be a textured fabric layered over the base of the neck?

In pairs or a small group discuss these questions - Type these questions into your Student Central wiki page and answer these questions listing your responses. Show your teacher your wiki page once it is complete.

Complete this survey once you have completed this activity. Your teacher will discuss it with you.