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Khiana Stephens

My name is Khiana Stephens and I am enrolled in the TAPP program which involves studying 3 days a week at school with one day at the Devonport Polytechnic hair and beauty and one day at my Worplacement at NRG hair room in Ulverstone.
I really enjoy the time I spend at Polytechnic and Workplacment with all the hands on and practical activities that I get to do including shampoo and conditioning, rinsing colours, applying toners, applying simple colours, assisting in perms, mixing colours, taking out foils, perm rollers etc, But I also enjoy being in the environment and doing everything else that comes along with the profession in general.
I believe that I would be well suited to this profession as I am a creative person and work well with my hands. In the future I would like to gain an apprenticeship in the hair and beauty industry focusing on hairdressing, makeup application and nail art.

Avant Garde

Advant Guarde.//BIG hair.

The Advant Garde style is an eccentric, unusual style that wouldnt be seen on a day to day basis but is highly popular in the hair, beauty and fashion industry all around the world. Advant Garde can be a hair or make up style, accessory or fashion statement.

Classic Look


The classic look can be described a beautiful everlasting trend. Something that years on is still being seen and will continue to do so throughout the years.



The contemporary style is a modern, in trend highly fashionable and sought after look which is constantly changing.

Beauty Think Tank Record

through out this course of the year we have completed various tasks to do with different components of the hair and beauty industry, this was all to prepare us for our major piece of work at the end of the year which was to do a photoshoot.
My model was Dakoda Doherty and i used shades of white, green, blue and purple on her eyes, with it braided on the side into a gathered messy buch of curls and used stick on pearls to accesorise the side of her face.
I also was a model for Breanah Van Zelm where i did my own makeup